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Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe 6 zmysłów

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The Competition Week
Add date: Monday, 26 September 2016

We have a bit of a surprise for all fans of Sacrum Profanum! From tomorrow you'll have a fantastic opportunity to win invitations to festival concerts!

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Sacrum Profanum: before & after
Add date: Thursday, 22 September 2016

Let’s start and finish the festival together – with club celebrations at Before & After events. During the opening party, we’ll hear the broken rhythms and plunderphonics of duy gebord, the slightly sour but ordered live act of Piotr Figiel, and the dark and dense electronic chaos of John Lake. At the closing events, we’ll hear the successful combination modular synthesisers and field recordings of Tomek Mirt, the hypnotising vocalises of A.N.R.S., with microsamples and macrobeats in the background, and the whole thing will conclude with a performance by FOQL, playing high-calorie music to burn calories by.

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Discover the new Sacrum Profanum
Add date: Thursday, 15 September 2016

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Sacrum Profanum is looking for volunteers!
Add date: Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Do you want to participate in the organisation of Sacrum Profanum festival? Do you want to gain practical experience in the music and film industry that will pay off in your future professional career? Are you open-minded, responsible, flexible, independent, do you speak languages and want to develop your passions? We're looking for volunteers to co-organise this year’s editions of the Sacrum Profanum festival. Join us!

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Mike Patton and works of John Zorn - the musical avant-garde comes to the Sacrum Profanum Festival!
Add date: Thursday, 1 September 2016

Great minds think alike. Outstanding musicians will always find each other and come together to create wonderful things, which set new directions in art. The paths of Mike Patton and John Zorn which had crossed repeatedly in the past, will cross yet again at this year's Sacrum Profanum. The two stars of the musical avant-garde will light up the October sky over Krakow. Mike Patton will perform in person, and John Zorn will be represented by his music. And all this during the three great concerts at the Sacrum Profanum 2016!

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Multidimensional Sacrum Profanum - new positions in the programme!
Add date: Thursday, 25 August 2016

In the multimedia world, the reception of art with just one sense becomes sort of an experiment. The variety of stimuli and the information noise flooding us from all sides make us feel hungry for experiences. Of course, Sacrum Profanum cannot let that hunger go unsatisfied, and thus the festival offers events which go beyond the traditional scope of a concert.

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Sacrum Profanum – the complexity of reality
Add date: Thursday, 11 August 2016

Art reflects the time in which it is created. If it is honest, it is always relevant, the most relevant it can be – even if it refers to the past, it looks at it through the eyes of the present. If it destroys existing patterns, it automatically sets new ones. It reacts to reality to best reflect it specificity – and its complexity, which is what happens in the case of the third of the trends presented as part of this year’s Sacrum Profanum festival: indie classical.

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Beauty of noise - the avant-garde stream
Add date: Thursday, 4 August 2016

What would art be, if it did not provoke and irritate? How do we show the spirit of a time of an excess of information and omnipresent noise? Does music need to have melody, rhythm and harmony? What is music, after all? Those are all important questions, that we have to ask ourselves before October. The concerts constituting the avant-garde stream of the Sacrum Profanum festival will provide a clear answer by breaking schemes, broadening horizons, revising notions and changing our aesthetic values, since they will show the beauty of noise.

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